Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My brother and I are delighted to present our debut collection: my poetry + his art = Constellation

Here's a preview:

U.S.S. Constellation
M. Frost

An odd name for a warship.
From his perch along the barnacle-studded hull,
my brother corrects me, sloop-of-war.
Her title painted gold above the slapping water,
as if composed instead of tinny and distant
stars, stitched as they were on a field of blue.
My brother pulls a rope, raises the flag.
The parrot gun recoils with steel flash and smoke.
I see now the cannonball’s trajectory,
how it moves across an ocean of space,
how the batteries might have blazed against
a dark Atlantic, sending round objects into orbit.

Originally published in Astropoetica

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