Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My brother and I are delighted to present our debut collection: my poetry + his art = Constellation

Here's a preview:

U.S.S. Constellation
M. Frost

An odd name for a warship.
From his perch along the barnacle-studded hull,
my brother corrects me, sloop-of-war.
Her title painted gold above the slapping water,
as if composed instead of tinny and distant
stars, stitched as they were on a field of blue.
My brother pulls a rope, raises the flag.
The parrot gun recoils with steel flash and smoke.
I see now the cannonball’s trajectory,
how it moves across an ocean of space,
how the batteries might have blazed against
a dark Atlantic, sending round objects into orbit.

Originally published in Astropoetica

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Commencement Issue

Farewell to The Stew! Our Commencement issue features the work of faculty and staff at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Highlights include Dean Klag's cover images and Kevin Frick's account of his experience at the Boston marathon.

(N.B.: members of the JHSPH community can download the PDF of this issue directly from the JHSPH Portal - follow the links for Student Assembly > Student Groups > Stew > Files. All other aspiring readers of The Stew should contact me.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


After a multi-year hiatus (insert a couple of professional degrees here), I'm delighted to have more time to devote to creative work. For now, this blog replaces my long-defunct website.

First order of business - a shout out to Scifaikuest, now hosted by Alban Lake Publishing. One of the few haiku I've written in the past few years appears in their current print edition.

Second - Congratulations to David Kopaska-Merkel on publication of Luminous Worlds! I'm reading it now and loving it.

I have bittersweet news. My work as editor of The Stew, the creative magazine for students and staff of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is coming to an end. I just sent the last print issue to Burgundy Press today. We are rising, phoenix-like, in a new incarnation as we merge with the creative talents of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing. Please welcome SEAM - we expect our first edition to emerge this summer.

And that's the news for today: onWords and upwards!